Hell door

Chimenea de piedra, con fauno como figura central.
Stone fireplace, with figure of faun

This ‘Hell Door’ is a piece of a single block  of wild granite from A Cañiza. It represents an entrance to Hell, like the fire we could turn inside, as it is a fireplace.

The proud head of a Faun stands in the center of the fireplace. The Faun is a Roman mythology figure half sheep half human. He es cheerful, whimsical and taste for wine and excesses. He was believed to have revealed the future to the people through dreams. Not only He invites us with his tempting smile to the hell pleasures, but also he warns us with a grimace on his face of its dangers…

Cabeza de fauno, de la chimenea 'boca del infierno'.

Parte superior de la chimenea.

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